Thursday, January 27, 2011

You want some T? How about some Dirty Shitty T

Where to get a bartending job when no one else on the strip will hire you?

Look no further, D.S. Tequila is always hiring the leftovers of boystown.

Originally, talk of D.S. Tequila was anything but positive. LONG wait times, rude waiters...
Basically, it was said not to be worth the trip.

After going there a few times myself, and from what I've heard after the company had gone through a few employees, I discovered that I do in fact like D.S.

Their tacos are actually pretty good. Mediocre pricing, but palatable. $2.89-$3.39??? After all, there is an ACTUAL mexican/taco restaurant that IS open even later than DS, RIGHT next door to Berlin with tacos at about a buck 50. And lets face it... gay men prefer tacos AFTER they're shit faced and all the bars are closed.

But, while I do commend the taste factor of DS Tequila's tacos, I have to mention my largest gripe...

DS TEQUILA brand TEQUILA SUCKS!!! Horrible. Blah disgusting puke. Never order their margaritas. Even the one's not using their shitty, own tequila are horrible as well.

This is TERRIBLE seeing as they named the whole restaurant after it! The restaurant has a very Tex-Mex vibe to it... which is a little tacky for lakeview in my opinion. To each their own I suppose.

If you want a real margarita that tastes great, costs as much as its worth (in a restaurant) and is going to get you drunk, go to any of the CEZAR'S locations you find in and around boystown area. I swear there are like 30 in lakeview alone.

D.S.T. We want tacos later at night and a maybe a different house drink. How about a bloody mary? Put a piece of asparagus in it and call it a Red Goatee.

PS. The prices of DS's beers are actually pretty reasonable. Just sayin

Sunday, January 23, 2011

SPIN Nightclub Papi

If this photo looks familiar, you've been to Spin Nightclub's PAPITO Latin Night.

Put together by the same people that bring you WILD THURSDAYS, a... fun... slightly more consistent gay 18+ party thrown at a different location every few months or so. (It's outlived just about every other 18 and up gay party I've seen attempted. Including failed Exhilaration thrown by failed ProjectCQY and the highly anticipated Student Union thrown by the creator of the discontinued FAG Frat... who at one time actually had somewhat of a following. Both of which were thrown much closer to boystown than the more successful Wild Thursdays has ever been.) One thing to note, Wild Thursdays is actually one of the places that gave Jade Sotomayor her start before appearing on Season 1 of Ru Paul's Drag Race.

That said, PAPITO is soon to meet it's demise. Not verified by a source but after a hugely successful opening, it took only a couple of weeks before the seemingly once popular Papi (turned Papito) party became a ghost town.

Noticeably removed from advertisements on the Spin website, one can only assume that Spin will be ridding itself of the Papito party and hopefully work on improving their weekly shower contest.

Circuit Shitty

As I've previously reported, Circuit has been having money problems.

No official word on what the exact problem is, but I'm going to take the wild guess that it's because nobody goes there.

From what I've been told by a reliable source, liquor reps are refusing to sell to the club because they are so far in debt already. Circuit is being forced to go to liquor stores to make their purchases!!

Let's face it, the club is just letting itself go. The drag queens don't even want to take the time to shave.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BERLIN Fetish Night (Dec 28th original post date)

So Berlin over by the the belmont redline stop decided to throw a fetish party today…
Pretty tragic.

I wish the S&M santa that was spanking people would have left his mask on the whole time. Once I saw what he was hiding, I didn’t entertain the idea of this “fetish party” for one more second.

I can’t even say I entirely understood what fetish or fetishes they were trying to cater to…minus spanking, mostly because that was the only thing that seemed “fetish” about it besides the porn on the wall.

The bar was pretty empty. The TV screens displayed FemDom porn that was blurred to look a little cartoony. Nothing about it was fun to watch and is probably what scared mostof the customers away. Gay bars should play gay porn if playing porn at all.

Berlin is actually one of my favorite bars to go to, mostly because it’s one of the few after hours bars, but also because of the eclectic types of people that go there.

The worst thing I witnessed there would have to be the conga line of attention loving twinks in underwear tied together with ball-gags. Actually the best thing I witnessed there were twinks finally put in the appropriate muzzled attire.

All in all, Fetish Night at Berlin? Hydrate has dollar drinks.

COCKTAIL (Dec 24 original post)

Word on the street is that COCKTAIL bar in gorgeous lakeview’s BoysTown Chicago! is 5 months behind rent!!!!

Guess it wasn’t such a good idea to expand after all.

I wonder what could have been the failure there.

The fact the food was way too pretentious for the clientele and atmosphere?

The price was way too high?

The portions were way too small?

I say all of the above.

Who wouldn’t want to have a little eggs benedict while watching a gay for pay “gogo” forget that swass shows up clearly in white underwear.

In addition to COCKTAIL, I’ve heard that CIRCUIT (yeah it’s this bar far down boystown, you probably haven’t heard of it mostly because nobody has) has had it’s HEAT SHUT OFF already and that workers are going there in the freezing cold.

Seriously Circuit, do us all a favor and close down so we can build a free parking garage in boystown.

All that space… just wasted. tsk